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Below is a brief description of STC.

STC Overview

STC is financed by private sale of common stock. To inquire about owning part of STC, please email .

STC is working to commercialize basic suborbital capabilities. Our next step would be to either pursue suborbital tourism or develop technologies for orbital launch services.

STC is developing:

-- the SpartanTM, a suborbital launch vehicle for shipping 2-10 pound payloads to 100 km and back;

-- the RubiconTM, capable of carrying payloads of 600 pounds to 100 km. Rubicon was initially designed to compete for the X Prize (a $10M prize -- see STC will now work to put Rubicon on the market for inanimate payloads and after building flight heritage, it might be used to provide thrilling passenger rides.

-- and the Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle, N-SOLVTM, an orbital launch vehicle for payloads around 20 pounds.

STC designs and manufactures all critical components of these vehicles. We design and manufacture simple and safe solid propellant rocket engines and we're currently pursuing other propulsion options. We design and manufacture the electronics required for telemetry and rocket control systems. We also conduct the mechanical design and manufacture in-house.

The STC founders have significant experience in the US aerospace industry. They believe that a paradigm shift in developing and producing aerospace hardware can bring dramatic change to the existing launch vehicle scene and thus to the world that relies ever more upon satellite-derived services.

STC Founders

Phillip Storm

Phil has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. Prior to founding STC, he worked with Aerojet as a Development Engineer for next-generation monopropellant rocket engines and Space Shuttle components

Eric Meier

Eric graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as an intern with JPL in their Advanced Propulsion Technologies Group. He also worked with Aerojet as a Development Engineer for electric propulsion and monopropellant rocket engines.

With Aerojet, the founders gained experience building and testing small rocket engines and related hardware. They developed products used on Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and NASA flight vehicles and worked closely with those organizations in many instances.


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