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Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle (N-SOLVTM)

The Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle (N-SOLV) is designed to deploy satellites with mass around 10 kilograms into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). N-SOLV will be marketed to the US military, amateur radio organizations, universities, and others interested in an inexpensive platform for delivering small payloads to LEO. N-SOLV can be operated as a quick-response launcher due to the ease of maintaining solid rocket motors for on-demand use. This quick-response feature could be of use for surveillance missions of all sorts.

N-SOLV components include:

An Attitude Control System (ACS) that is essentially identical to that of STC?s STV (with the exception that it will have more accurate rotational rate sensors).
Three stages of solid motors
The payload assembly with orbit insertion motors.

Loaded and fueled, the vehicle will weigh approximately 6000 lbs and stand 25 feet high. N-SOLV?s Attitude Control System (ACS) will guide the vehicle into the desired +/-20 km orbit.

At this point, N-SOLV's first customers will need to cover a significant portion of non-recurring development costs.

Small-payload-dedicated launch vehicles like N-SOLV do not exist today. With recent developments in micro-electronics, we believe that the 10-kg-class satellite market has great potential first for research and then possibly for commercial applications.

STC would like to put this vehicle on the market as an option for small ~10-kg payload customers that don't want the hassle of working with large payload launchers as secondary payloads. STC believes that a dedicated, responsive launch service would be attractive to such small payload customers if priced under $1M.

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