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SpartanTM Three-Stage Rocket

STC's Spartan rocket, is capable of taking 1 to 5-kg payloads to 100 kilometers in a suborbital trajectory. This vehicle is marketed to carry payloads such as:

- Science experiments
- Weather sensing equipment
- Military applications (surveillance, etc.)

STC's Spartan development program focused on a vehicle powered by three solid propellant rocket motors that were staged to facilitate the high-altitude flight. If the propellant of the three motors was burned at once, the resulting speed would be fantastic, but the energy would rapidly be wasted in drag. The length of each rocket motor is approximately 36 inches and the payload/nosecone length is about 18 inches. The overall rocket length is about 10 feet, rocket diameter is 4 inches and overall weight is around 70 lbs.

Spartan has flown to altitudes near 50 miles -- the edge of space. STC has refined the launch system and on-board electronics technology and the stage is set for commercial launches to space in 2005.

Spartan is so-named because of it is designed to provide "Spartan" launch costs as compared to similar vehicles available today.

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