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STC solid rocket motors are designed for simplicity and reliability.  STC has tested motors ranging from 50 pounds of thrust to 12,000 pounds of thrust.  The technology is scalable to higher or lower thrust levels.

The three-stage rocket carries 2-pound payloads to 100 km.  Several successful launches have taken place and, in 2005, STC will arrange commercial launches from its Washington State coast launch site.

Rubicon is a suborbital vehicle capable of carrying 600 pounds to 100 km.

N-SOLV (nano-satellite orbital launch vehicle) is a vehicle tailored to satellites in the 10-kg class ("nano" satellites).  The convenience of dedicated launch service for nano-satellites will be attractive to existing and prospective nano-satellite researchers/manufacturers.


                  Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle                   SM Rocketry 3-Stage Rocket


Suborbital Tourism Vehicle              Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle