SM Rocketry launches 3-stage to 72-km on 11/6/03
Posted by: @ 03:26pm on November 8th

SM Rocketry successfully launched a 3-stage rocket to 72-km altitude on 11/6/03. This rocket was designed to prove out the launch rail system, stage separation, and flight stability. The GPS based Flight Safety System kept the rocket on a direct path out to sea, where the upper stage landed 75-km off the Washington State coastline.

Future launches to 100-km altitude are imminent and include digital high resolution photography from the rocket, and other telemetry devices such as thermocouple vacuum pressure transmitter readings at altitude.

The attached picture shows the first stage smoke trail on the right, the 2nd stage trail has been swirled around by winds and is seen in the middle of the picture, and the 3rd stage trail is on the lower left seen as a streak heading in a westerly direction out to the Pacific.