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August 27, 2004



Spacefleet, Ltd. has invested the funds required to construct and launch Rubicon 2.  Space Transport Corporation (STC) is thrilled to have Spacefleet as a stockholder.  The investment demonstrates the high level of worldwide enthusiasm and optimism for our project and the space tourism concept in general.


Spacefleet, led by Managing Director Dr. Raymond D. Wright, is based in the United Kingdom, but brings a collaborative, international approach to private space development.  STC shares this belief that collaboration is essential to cost-effective progress in the space sector.  Below is a statement by Spacefleet:


“Spacefleet is creating an international space science research association. It will be a community of space technologists, scientists, and engineers, for mutual benefit, to make space transport cheaper and safer, by putting those who are looking for knowledge in touch with those who have it.”


Spacefleet’s website is  STC looks forward to participating in the member community on the Spacefleet website and contributing to its growth.


STC set a near-term fundraising target of $200,000 after the Rubicon 1 learning experience, a sum that will allow full-tilt development of the Rubicon X Prize vehicle including purchase of long-lead items.  Several small investments have been made and STC has an eye out for more major investments.